Preparing for an Art & Play Therapy Session

Couselling Through Art and Play | Cape Town | South Africa

There is no “one-size fits all” advice about how parents should prepare their children for their first art and play therapy session because every child and situation is different and unique. However, there are a few tips and guidelines that all parents should keep in mind when first introducing the idea of therapy to their child:

  • Be Open & Honest: Always be as upfront and honest as possible when talking to your child about the upcoming therapy session. While it is important that you are forthcoming, remember to be age appropriate as well and speak to your child using words and expressions that they will understand.
  • Emphasize the fact that they are not ‘broken’: Children need to understand that the art & play therapy sessions are not meant to ‘fix’, they are not ‘broken’, them but rather to help them work through their problems and challenges in a fun way.
  • Speak to the therapist beforehand about what to expect: The child will most likely ask the parent about what will happen during the art & play therapy session. Parents are advised to get in contact with their therapist of choice and find out exactly what the child can expect when attending their first session.

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