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“I do not view a child’s behaviour, displeasing as it may sometimes be, as sickness. I view it as the child’s evidence of strength and survival” – Violet Oaklander

Individual & Siblings Therapy

Individual and sibling art-making and play therapy sessions are scheduled for the same time each week and they are 50 minutes long.

Group Work Offered

Healing Through Art & Play | ArtworkGroup work can often yield extremely positive results. There are a number of reasons for this, as much of our social learning is done in groups. Group counselling has the added advantage of providing mutual support and problem-solving opportunities for the individuals within the group context.

Group sessions can reach more children at the same time, while also providing a lower cost for parents. Group session work can cover specific themes including: coping with divorce, bullying, increasing self-esteem, friendships and healthy social skills and much more.

I offer group work sessions of up to 6 children per group, but not less than 3. The sessions are between 60 to 90 minutes depending on the themes and ages of the children.

Parenting Workshops

Parenting workshops allow parents the opportunity to explore and learn more about issues such as: elements of behaviour modification, character building, children’s emotions, attachment and trust issues, discipline, setting routines, homework strategies and many other subjects.

Teacher Workshops

Teacher workshops focus mainly on emotional literacy within the classroom. This includes a range of non-verbal and specific exercises that are artistic and playful and are intended to give children the tools needed to explore and manage their feelings and emotions.

The benefits include tools to help create an emotionally self-managing classroom, address issues related to bullying, anger, frustration, grief, depression, anxiety and feelings of loneliness and rejection, in a positive way

Healing Through Art & Play | ArtworkCreative Transformation Workshops

These art-making workshops are aimed at adults who wish to re-ignite their creative juices, their God-given birth right. They are suited for beginners as well as seasoned artists and help individuals get back in touch with their playful, spontaneous and fun parts of themselves.

Reclaiming Your Inner Child Workshops

These workshops are aimed at women who have suffered some form of abuse or experience that has silenced the child within. Through the use of art-making, voice and movement, a journey for discovery is made.